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Ball Check Valves Flanged Model B 01



Ball Type Check Valves (NRV) B-01 was the first of the valve at Normex with unique design and technology for the first time in India. A very simple and robust design with no mechanism involved. The heart ofб═ valve is rubber coated ball. The mechanism hinge-pin-disc used in conventional check valves is eliminated and Normex has put in this rubber coated ball to arrest flow media in return condition.

As the pump starts, the ball moves out totally from the flow path when the pumping is on giving a full bore maximum flow/discharge with minimum head losses. (Fig. A). As the pump stops, the ball rolls back and seats perfectly on the rounded valves seat ensuring totally leak proof sealing.(Fig. B)

Salient Features:

  •     Lowest possible pressure drop across the valves.
  •     100% leak proof sealing years over years.
  •     Non-clogging and self cleaning as ball rotates during operation.
  •     Virtually no wear and tear, no maintenance and longer service life.
  •     Higher solid handling capacity due to full bore and straight internal path.
  •     Lower head loss-high discharge, reduced pumping time-All leading to Energy Saving.


Clean water, Raw water, Sewage, Slurry, Waste water, Viscous liquids etc.

Used in industries like:

Fire fighting, Plumbing, Water distribution, Water/Sewage treatment, Irrigation/agriculture, Sewage plants, Steel mills, Power stations,
Chemical/process industries, HVAC, Sugar/food industry, Breweries, Mining and many more.

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